Appliance News and Gossip

In a report from Reuters, General Electric names 5 non-US appliance manufacturers as potential bidders for the company’s appliance business. The list includes Haier from China, LG Electronics from South Korea, Electrolux from Sweden, Controladora Mabe from Mexico and Arcelik from Turkey. Jeff Immelt, General Electric Chief Executive, stated that he believes Haier and LG are most likely to be interested.

KitchenAid is rumored to be switching the stainless steel they use in manufacturing their appliances from 304 grade to 403. It’s unsure how this rolling change will be implemented but differences in the materials may be evident in different lighting situations.

Whirlpool’s Magic Chef line is rumored to become a Lowes-only brand. Other Whirlpool discussion centers on their elimination of including connector hoses with their washing machines in all but the HE series.

Marvel, owned by AGA, will be closing their Indiana plant. In other plant closing news, Fisher & Paykel will be closing the plant they purchased from DCS and will be shifting their manufacturing to Mexico. Other companies currently manufacturing in Mexico include LG, GE, Whirlpool and Electrolux just to name a few.

Fisher & Paykel announced they will have a price increase in September (perhaps to pay for the move).

Miele has recalled about 3,100 T 9821 Gas Dryers due to risk of gas leak or fire. These dryers are super-large capacity white dryers with serial numbers 66461685 to 89921848 sold between March and December 2007. For additional information contact Miele at (800) 420-1813.

Frigidaire has recalled about 7,500 Kenmore Wall Ovens due to fire and burn hazards. There have been reports of gas building up and flames escaping through the oven door. The 24″ oven model numbers are 790.30472400, 790.30473400, 790.30473401, 790.30474400, 790.30479400 with serial numbers NF401xxxxx through NF601xxxxx. Frigidaire says the ovens are safe to use in the “bake” setting but do not use the “broil” feature due to risk of injury. For more information contact Sears at (800) 479-6408.


GE High Efficiency Incandescent Lamp

incan.jpgEdisons invention may stay around a little longer now that GE has begun work on creating a high efficiency incandescent light bulb that will be as energy efficient as a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and deliver high-quality light output.

Over the last four years GE has invested over $200 million in the development of their high efficiency incandescent (HEI).  GE has set a target for these new lamps at initial production to be nearly twice as efficient as current incandescents and deliver 30 Lumens per watt.  Their later goal is for the HEI bulb to be four times as efficient and comparable to CFL bulbs.

In addition to desirable light quality, GE says the new HEI lamp will have instant-on convenience and be priced less than current CFLs.  Don’t worry about waiting for the CFLs you just bought to burn out; these new HEI lamps won’t be on the market until 2010.