JSG Oceana Cubix Vessel

Oceana Cubix Sink | KitchAnn Style

The new Cubix Vessel from JSG Oceana, LLC  is a top mount vessel measuring 15.75″ x 15.75″ x 4.5″ h.  The “Cube” pattern is quite striking and adds a 3-Dimensional to the bath.  The Cubix vessel is available in the following colorations:  Crystal, Crystal Reflections, Champagne Gold, Black Nickel, and Fawn.

JSG Oceana sinks are made of “Hard Roc” Glass, a unique formulation of borosilicate glass created by Jeannette Specialty Glass for Oceana. All of their glass bathroom sinks are easy resistant to stains, scratches, and thermal shock (heat.) JSG Oceana Glass is non-porous making it very hygienic and easy to clean.

All JSG Oceana glass sinks are made in the USA and are offered with matching glass tile.

The Cubix vessel will be on display at the Kitchen&Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas February 4-6 in JSG Oceana Booth N327 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Night Sink

cogliati.jpgIf you’ve ever wished your pedestal sink were more sculptural, here’s a great  solution.

The Night Sink from Cagliati…Cogliati is made from 10mm thick tempered glass set on a stainless steel pedestal.   The inner block, which is removable, comes in either 4mm colored glass or stone.

The free-standing floor mixer makes it possible to place the sink anywhere in the bathroom for a bold artistic statement.

The washbasin stands 85cm (~33 1/2″) tall by 42cm (16 1/2″) deep.
Via Wow Bathrooms

Antilia Cast Glass Lavatory

anitla.jpgThis cast glass lavatory sink from Kohler has slight ripples in the surface that captures light in a way that resembles water.

The slab-like lavatory measures a generous 28×17 inches and stands 2 1/2 inches high.  The Antilia lavatory is available in Ice and Storm colors.  Kohler describes the Ice as resembling acompressed glacier ice.

This sink joins two others in Kohler’s Nature’s Chemistry Line.  Kohler has created this collection of natural products that transform indigenous materials, like metal , glass, clay and stone, into evocative fixtures for the kitchen and bath while retaining intrinsic properties.