Fighting Microfiber Pollution

Sustainable laundry: Fighting Microfiber Pollution

Microplastics and Microfibers

Research about microplastics pollution is just starting to emerge among scientists, but it is a major concern.

You may recall attention focused on banning or advocating for the discontinuation of tiny plastic particles in the form of microplastic beads from cosmetics, toothpaste and other consumer products often too small to be filtered by wastewater treatment plants.

These work their way from our sinks and showers through treatment plants and into the oceans, where they make their way into the digestive tracts of sea turtles, sea birds and fish (and, subsequently, humans).  Continue readingFighting Microfiber Pollution

Green Websites You Might Not Have Visited
This is the site for Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE).  This group advocates women as agents for social change with a focus on reducing toxic agents and educating the public on links between human health and the health of the environment.

You can currently get a Green Cleaning Party Kit from WVE.  This kit will help you and your friends learn how to make your own non-toxic cleaning supplies.  This kit contains recipes, a video and hosting ideas. Check it out for your Spring cleaning.
Green Daily is a member of Weblogs, Inc.  Their focus is on all things green from activism to quick tips.

I found their recent post about organic dry cleaning interesting – especially since I’d never heard of it before.  I will definitely take my clothes out the plastic bags when I get them home.
This site is the social networking site for Eco-conscious people.  Think Myspace with a Conscience.  Greenopolis has the usual blogs, event listings and messaging service most social networking sites have. What really sets Greenopolis apart is it’s effort to help members put their green plans into action by earning “green points.”  Check out their rewards program for members.