Great Finds

I’ve been working on a few projects and have been doing a lot of searching and specifying for clients. If you need some cool objects or lighting or seating for your home you may like these finds.

Urban Candy, Urban Chandy…

urban chandy lighting on kitchann style

Throw some Edison Bulbs in these fun lighting fixtures  from Urban Chandy and you have a unique lighting fixture.

One Potato, Two potato, Three Potato Four…

These vintage stools from Three Potato Four are perfect for almost any Working Kitchen or Retro Bar.

Mademoiselle Grafitti Chairs...

Who says Kartell doesn’t do upholstered? These fabulous chairs from Philippe Starck and Rosita Missoni could go in so may rooms.

Ooboo for you…

Keep you best friend in style with this faux leather foldable dog house from Ooboo. Love, love , love the storage attic.

These great items were found on

Exotic Gourd Lamps

carved gourd lighting | KitchAnn Style
These one-of-a-kind gourd lights by Calabarte are a great way to add unique lighting to any space. The Senegalese gourds are carefully dried and hand drilled and patterned by the artist. Since each gourd is a unique shape, the light and patterns from each lamp is different. It’s amazing to compare how the unlit gourd looks to the lighted one.

These unique works of art seem to be sold by the artist on eBay and through direct consignment. The last auction I could find sold for $1,329.00. For more information, visit his Facebook Page.

carved gourd lighting | KitchAnn Style

carved gourd lighting | KitchAnn Style

carved gourd lighting | KitchAnn Style

carved gourd lighting | KitchAnn Style

carved gourd lighting | KitchAnn Style

carved gourd lighting | KitchAnn Style

carved gourd lighting | KitchAnn Style

Bisazza Bagno

Italian mosaic tile manufacturer Bisazza  teamed up with Spanish designer Jaime Hayon their first collection in their new division Bisazza Bagno, which is dedicated to the production of luxury bathroom collections. For their second collection, they teamed up with Famed Designer Marcel Wanders.

Hayon Collection

This collection recalls the glamour of the 1930s with a Scandinavian touch and feminine shapes,” says  Hayon. “The bathroom is the most important room in the home and it should not be hidden. With this collection, it becomes an area you want to show, a place you can keep open. The bathroom becomes a stylish room, full of charm and style, with a strong identity.”

In addition to sinks, tubs and faucets, the collection will include mirrors, lighting, console tables, cabinets, shower screens and decorative accessories.

Finishes for the collection include chrome, gold, copper, white, light green, and black.

Wanders Collection

The second collection for Bisazza Bagno is an entirely different aesthetic than the first Scandinavian influenced collection. Marcel Wanders combines modern whimsy with Baroque influences. This extravagant collections intermingles large modern soapstone bathtubs with intricately carved consoles in true Wanders fashion.

In Marcel’s own words he describes the concept for the collection:

“The original concept for the collection came from a fantasy I had of taking a bath in a bar of soap. The ultimate clean! This idea I held for a long time, before Bisazza helped me realize it. Bathing, like clothing, is one of the most personal components of daily life. And interior style, like all style, has become a mode to evaluate the anxieties of contemporary society. The haste and fuss of ordinary life is only getting faster and it is getting increasingly difficult to switch off. People are surrounded by other people all day both physically and digitally and so I was looking for a way to offer a sanctuary from the world. I consider bathrooms to be the one space you can be alone so I designed this collection to provide a fresh, beautiful and solitary space where one can focus and take care of themselves.”

While the majority of the Wanders collection is black and white, red handles provide a vibrant pop of color. The chandelier shower heads are by far the stars of this collection.

You can purchase the collections from the flagship stores in Miami, LA and New York.

Sherwin-Williams 2012 Color of the Year

I’m continuing my coverage of 2012 Color Trends with Sherwin-Williams’ pick. They have selected a lush green called Argyle (SW 6747).

“Argyle is the perfect blend of blue and yellow, and is the color of commerce and the anticipation of greener pastures ahead.”

Sherwin-Williams predicts that greens next year will be less yellow and paired with “rustic tones and organic elements like algae, moss and seaweed.”

Their full forecast for 2012 highlights 40 hues, in four earth-inspired, color-family groups: reds, blues, greens and neutrals. It’s a very pretty palette and worth checking out.