Fifty Fifty Kitchen Concept

Fifty Fifty Room Divider Storage |KitchAnn Style
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I came across this interesting room divider, called Fifty Fifty from Florida, an Italian manufacturer. This creative collection of kitchen components and furniture centers on a bookcase room divider with a dining table that slides to create seating or extra work space in the kitchen.

Cool Tansformable Furnitur |KitchAnn Style

The table comes in incremental sizes from  162 to 272 cm in length or about 63.75″ to 107″. When not in use, the kitchen extension can be retracted and you can’t even tell it’s there.

Movable Kitchen Furniture |KitchAnn Style

Fifty Fifty Kitchen Furniture |KitchAnn Style

Versatility is very important in kitchen design. The freedom to adapt our surroundings based on the task at hand makes living easier and isn’t that what everyone wants?

Fifty Fifty Room Divider Furniture |KitchAnn Style

Fifty Fifty Room Divider Storage |KitchAnn Style

How do you like this concept? Would you prefer this to an open plan concept with a large island with seating?


Updated Ways to Use Glass Cabinetry in Kitchens

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barrique.jpgI absolutely love these glass door cabinets by Ernestomeda, an Italian manufacturer of high-end cabinetry.  The Barrique Collection is one of their newest offerings showcasing lacquered and glass cabinetry. 

This first picture shows a small aluminum fame door with Merlot glass – a huge departure from the typical frosted glass shown by most contemporary cabinet lines.

Any glass or acrylic panels can be used in these doors so the design possibilities are endless.

These cabinets can be lit to showcase items inside or left unlit, as shown here, to give a hint of what is inside.  I prefer them unlit because it gives greater flexibility for the types of items stored inside. 

ernes2.jpgThis next picture shows a dimensional door with pantry type shelves to showcase glass ware.

This is a unique way to showcase items and have functional storage at the same time.

It is hard to tell by the picture but it seems the lights shine towards the front so the items stored in the rear are not apparent.

If you try to duplicate this look  be careful to calculate the weight of the door.  The hinges could very easily fail and cause the door to sag.