Toto Connelly Suite

TOTO’s new Traditional design Connelly Suite is inspired by the “timeless sophistication of classic Hollywood imbued with the curvilinear aesthetic of the Arte Deco period.”

When looking for a clean lines and bold geometric shapes with sophistication for a fresh and uncluttered look, the TOTO Connelly Suite is an ideal choice.


Connelly Collection | KitchAnn Style

The Connelly Undermount Lavatory measures 15″ by 15″ leaving plenty of space on the countertop. The deep basin reduces waters splashing, and its SanaGloss glaze saves homeowners time cleaning as the super-slippery surface repels bacteria and soap scum. It is available in Cotton, Colonial White, Sedona Beige, Bone, and Ebony.

Lever Faucet

Connelly Collection | KitchAnn StyleAn example of TOTO’s inclusive design philosophy – providing ease of use for all ages – the sophisticated faucet’s lever handles serve as a graceful counterpoint to the vertically detailed, gently flared bases, which lends a tactile element to the fixture’s design.

The spout has an organic curve that adds an elegant and soft design element to the sleek lever and base. The faucet has WaterSense technology and only uses 1.5 gallons per minute without a decrease in pressure. The faucet is available in an array of finishes including Brushed Nickel, Polished Nickel and Polished Chrome.

Connelly Collection | KitchAnn StyleDual Flush High-Efficiency Toilet

The Connelly Dual Flush High-Efficiency toilet is an elegant design with a strong geometric tank supporting a sizeable lid. The inclusive-design Connelly toilet is 17” from base to seat top, making it ergonomically correct height for a person to comfortably sit down and rise from it with ease. It is available in Cotton, Colonial White, Sedona Beige, Bone, and Ebony, with trip lever finishes available in Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Polished Nickel, among others.

The design specializes in its Dual-Max Cyclone Flushing system uses bio-mimicry to eliminate the need to scrub due to streaking after flushing.

Inspired by cyclones in nature, TOTO engineers harnessed the power of gravity and water to spin away waste. To achieve their vision, they designed a seamless bowl interior with a concave rim to channel high-speed water jets for superior bowl and rim cleansing action. Each flush spins away debris, matter, and bacteria, which reduces the time needed to clean the unit.


Flir One Thermal Image Device

The heat is on with the Flir One Thermal Image Device

The Flir One released the very first personal thermal image device designed specifically for your iPhone 5 & 5s at CES 2014.

As the first and only personal thermal imager for the consumer market under $350, Flir One is compact, easy-to-use, compatible with the iPhone5 and 5s and fits on the phone like a protective case.

Once mounted, the device displays a live thermal image on the phone’s screen, giving users unprecedented ability to “see” in an array of conditions, including complete darkness.

The device combines an infrared thermal camera that converts energy (heat) into an electronic signal which is then translated into an image on to your phone’s screen. With the ability to see heat, it allows you to identify those pesky things like moisture detection, energy loss, and many more creative possibilities.

Cool Features:

•The onboard battery source powers the device for more than two hours of continuous use; can also be configured to boost the iPhone5 and 5s* battery life by 50 percent.

•It can see in the dark, observe invisible heat sources, see through smoke, and even see through some materials. Scene range temperature: 32 °F to 212 °F (O °C to 100 °C)

•MSX Blending (Adds visible spectrum detail to thermal images and enhances resolution)

•Video capture (.mov format), Still image capture, Choice of color palettes (B/W, W/B, Rainbow, Contrast, Arctic, Hot/Cold, Iron)

FLIRONE | KitchAnn Style

While the case adds a bit of chunkiness to your svelte handset, it’s a minor trade-off for awesome Predator-like heat vision. And while the iPhone 5 version of the Flir case will be available this summer, the company is working on an Android version as well. 🙂

Whether you want this device to detect a leak, look at deer in the middle of the night, or help you navigate through smoke you have to admit it’s pretty cool.

FLIRONE | KitchAnn Style

FLIRONE | KitchAnn Style


The Docking Drawer

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a contractor scratch his head and look at me with glazed eyes as I try to describe what I need from his electrician to provide a drawer for my clients to charge their devices out of sight.

Charging drawer | Kitchen Studio of Naples

The Docking Drawer™ from JTech Solutions removes the hassle with a convenient and safe way to integrate a grounded outlet into a cabinet drawer.

The outlet comes with two grounded  3-pronged outlets and two USB outlets with integrated on/off safety switch. The Docking Drawer™ is UL 962 approval pending and max rated for  3A/375w. The circuit is protected by 5A pop out breaker accessible from inside the cabinet.

Charging drawer | Kitchen Studio of Naples

The Docking drawer is best installed during new construction but can be retrofitted if you can run an electrical line to the rear of the cabinet. The drawer may need to be modified since the device has a limited reach. The device alone costs $139.00.

I think I might need to test one and see how it works with my standard cabinet specs.