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white industrial kitchenAs I was strolling the world wide web this past week I found some great items I thought I’d share starting with this incredible white kitchen in a Barn-style home in Sag Harbour from Emma and her great Blog White and Wander.

I love the commercial-style faucet and industrial stainless steel surfaces paired with the clean white shelving filled with glasses and clay pitchers.  Check out her other posts filled with lost of interior goodness.

The Laurel Hedges has a fun post that tells of the little known secret that a powerful exhaust fan in a couple’s bathroom lowers the chance of divorce.  Millie blogs to get away from the men in her life ( she has 5 sons!) and her posts are refreshing and filled with wonderful little gems.

Small kitchens are hard to design because they still have to have all the appliances found in larger kitchens and at least a little storage.  I think Chris Welsh did a fabulous job on this alcove kitchen featured on Alicia B. Designs with her tips on how to maximise small kitchen space.

If you have missed the magazine Domino then you will love the new online magazine, Lonny.  Eddie Ross introduced me to the new publication on his blog.  His beautiful farmhouse has a fabulous spread in the 200 or so page publication.  I love what he and his partner did with their butler’s pantry. Everything is beautifully organized and very accessible.

exhaust fans will save your marriage   Chris Welsh alcove kitchen

Eddie Ross Butler's Pantry   lonny mag

Kitchen Critique

colombini cucineThere are many things about this picture that I like and there are some I dislike.

I like the open feel and the contemporary hood. 

I like the deep chocolate color on the walls although I think I might like it more as an accent color on the right wall with a different color on the back wall.

I like the tall pantry cabinets for their ample storage and sleek, hardware-free fronts.

I don’t like the low wall cabinets.  As you can see by the picture only a few books will fit under them.  I also dislike the white end panels on the base cabinets.  I’d rather see the wall cabinets either hung higher or sitting all the countertop.  I’d remove the white end panels and run the countertop over the sides to the floor.  If the wall cabinets are to sit on the countertop prefer the countertop not to match the cabinets so closely.  I think a white marble would look better. 

The sole beam across the ceiling also bothers me.  I don’t mind the white on white but I think the ceiling would be more interesting if faux beams were added to create a nice visual rhythm. 

This kitchen would also probably be very dark at night.  Additional lighting should be added at the sink and at least one prep area.

What do you think on the T-shape kitchen?  I think it might make more sense if there were a table and chairs located on the right side to create an eat-in kitchen.  They might have been removed for the photograph to show off the cabinetry.  The corner of the sofa may have been moved into the frame to keep the space from looking too empty.

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