Upcycled Glass Bottle Chandeliers

Always on the search for great lighting, I can’t believe I didn’t discover this beautiful chandelier made from recycled bottles by Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden sooner.


The lovely cascading shape was inspired by the simple scales of a pine cone. Beauty really is everywhere.

We collected pine cones from different trees and started looking at how the scales make beautiful shapes. We realized we could use the same technique, but with very long slices of the bottles.”

The couple began making vases and drinking vessels in their London studio in 1997 out of recycled wine and beer bottles. This venture grew into a full workshop in Guatemala City where dedicated artisans now produce pieces for Los Angeles based company Artecnica.

Recycled Glass Chandeliers | KitchAnn Style

The new tranSglass Chandelier, which is available in both clear and green glass, is currently being produced by Artecnica in a limited edition run of 15 each.

The chandelier is 19″ W x 24″ L and retails for $5,600.

Recycled Glass Chandeliers | KitchAnn Style


Barbeque Sculpture

Cesarre Kara Barbecue | KitchAnn Style
This BBQ from French Manufacturer Cesarré is so stunning, it will make you pause. It’s such a beautiful sculptural work of art, who wouldn’t want one?

Cesarre Kara Barbecue | KitchAnn Style

Called the Kara, this barbeque is finished in powder-coated steel. The Kara grill is 180 cm or 70.875″ high, 200 cm or 78.75″ wide and 110 cm or 42.25″ deep. The grilling area is 50 cm x 50 cm or just slightly over 2.5 square feet.

Cesarre Kara Detail | KitchAnn Style

Cesarre Kara Coals | KitchAnn Style

While this grill is not for the serious barbeque chef who likes to cook in large quantities, it is also very likely to be too nice for the average patio. This grill is a luxury item and comes with a luxury price tag of €5,400 ($7,303.00).

Cesarre Kara Barbecue | KitchAnn Style

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