Top Brewer

The Scanomat Top Brewer is the ultimate coffee machine for the homeowner that likes an uncluttered countertop. You can control the grinding and brewing hidden below the countertop with a touch pad controller or by using your iPhone or iPad.

Top Brewer | KitchAnn Style

The Top Brewer has dual grinders and  a height-adjustable goose neck spout that can brew a cup of coffee from a cold start in 45 seconds. Once warmed up the Top Brewer can deliver a hot cup of coffee in 15 seconds or a shot of espresso in 25 seconds. The refrigerated compartment keeps milk fresh for on demand foaming at the correct texture for Lattes, Cappuccinos, Macchiatos or what ever it is you desire.

Top Brewer | KitchAnn Style

Another great feature is that the Top Brewer cleans itself automatically. The cleaning system cleans all hoses with water after each cup.

Two models are available; the Pro and the Compact. The Pro requires a drain so some extra planning is required for installation.

Multiple Top Bewer | KitchAnn Style

If coffee isn’t your thing, the Top Brewer can be configured to dispense hot and cold water, milk, fruit juices or even just steam for blanching vegetables. Pricing is available upon request.

Top Brewer | KitchAnn Style

Be your own Barista

The Top Brewer app is easy and intuitive. Adjusting your coffee strength or amount of milk is as simple as moving the slider to your personal preference. You can also save the customized settings in your app. Scanomat built the app with real-time status so you can oversee the whole brewing process.

Topbrewer iPhone app | KitchAnn Style

Those who own more than one Top Brewer can control multiple machines simultaneously via the app’s favorites screen. It gives you control all of your machines in one view, so you can be churning out a variety of drinks with a few taps, turning you into the ultimate barista.

Top Brewer Station| KitchAnn Style

This appliance has benefits outside the home. Imagine your local coffee shop with a team of Top Brewers that lets you order your coffee drink just the way you like it from your iPhone or iPad while you stand in line to pay for the beverage.

High Tech Kitchen

The Prisma Kitchen from Italian Manufacturer Toncelli Cucine Spa is clean and minimalistic with tablet technology built into the countertop. The island concept is a collaboration between Toncelli Designs and consulting firm Experientia to create a new kitchen experience.

Toncelli tablet island | KitchAnn Style

The black glass countertop seamlessly incorporates the large Samsung tablet and is trimmed with anodized aluminum. The sliding cutting board is a great feature if you are not vertically challenged.  I would think it would be okay for dicing small things but I wouldn’t try to cut a pineapple or a watermelon on it. I do like the contrasting red color. The center of the cutting board turns via lazy Susan hardware. I’m not sure it is necessary but Toncelli states it is for viewing upright items like a tablet – do you need another one?

Toncelli Prisma kitchen | KitchAnn Style

“The “prismatic” composition of the surfaces transmits an immediate sense of weightlessness, emphasized by the lights
that illuminate the pieces from below.”

The overall concept is successfully minimalistic while also being complex in its ingenuity. The lack of visible hardware and almost floating appearance of the island keeps the cabinetry streamlined but not boring.

Toncelli Prisma kitchen | KitchAnn Style

The large screen would make recipe viewing easier than using a smart phone or a tablet. Unlike a tablet, it can’t be knocked off its perch. I think as long as the screen resolution is nice then viewing your screen at an angle would be acceptable.

I am curious if the type of person who would be most likely to want this technology might also be the person who grows tired of it the fastest. What do you think? Is this the type of item someone buys for themselves or do they buy it to impress others?

Toncelli has been creating beautiful kitchen designs for over 50 years. Their philosophy is to produce and distribute all over the world fitted kitchens enriched by the handicraft tradition. The secret to success is their “passion for beauty and the will to satisfy always the client.”