FLOwer Power

FLOwer Evolution is a unique vessel concept from GlassDesign, an Italian Plumbing Company in the heart of Tuscany. Designed by Marco Pisati, the organic inspired tub and sinks draw inspiration from the Calla lily.

With the calla lily’s distinct shape, the faucet  is reminiscent of the pistol, promoting an exotic and extremely artistic design. The series is manufactured with state-of-the-art materials such as VetroFreddo, Pert, and Inox, which enhance its artistry.

VetroFreddo (CoolGlass) is an innovative material composed of glass pigments and resin. Its major characteristics are its versatility in adapting itself to any form or shape imaginable. The material’s unique characteristics are expressed through colour, which is available in transparent, semi-transparent or opaque form.

VetroFreddo is temperature resistant up to approximately 100°C and can be worked with and carved just as marble or glass.

All fixtures manufactured with the VetroFreddo can be cleaned with any type of non-granular soap, using soft sponges or towels. To remedy scratches, the damaged area should gently be rubbed with a cloth soaked in olive oil. In case of deeper scratches or damage, a special replacement glass paper is available from the manufacturer for every color.

Pert is a technological polymer of great quality, combining a low specific weight with high mechanical resistance. It is particularly suited to fields where light weight is essential (e.g. in nautical, aeronautical).

It is a material which enables the creation of products of high design, allowing perfectly crafted angles and a smoothly plane surface, with the possibility of choosing among a wide range of colors to suit individual demand.

Vessel Sinks are available in matt and polished white, matt and polished black, Ferrari red, platinum, gold leaf 3D and silver leaf 3D. Pedestals are available in white, black, Ferrari red, gold leaf 3D and Silver leaf 3D. The bathtub is available fully white , or in bi-color finishes : black mat/white , Ferrari red/white, or with gold or silver leaf and white.

White and chrome pedestal cabinets are also available for added storage while keeping the minimal design aesthetic.

FLOwer is a highly stylish design collection – it’s basically haute couture for the bathroom.

Bassino from Kaldewei

For 2009 Kaldewi brings luxury and elegance to bathing suitable for any modern bathroom interior.

The new Bassino tub is pure in design with clean-cut interior lines that create generous proportions allowing you to lie back and relax in the water. Being able to stretch out and float in the tub brings relief to persistent and also chronic tension by reducing the strain on spine, muscles and joints.  Another positive effect floating has on the body  is the  improvement in the powers of concentration, creativity and productivity.

The shallow depth of the bath makes it easy to climb in and out.

The level base of the Bassino means it can also be used as a spacious and luxurious shower.

The bath has been designed by the internationally renowned Phoenix Design.  The firm embraces a philosophy that is as natural as it is intuitive: form follows emotion.

I don’t know who designed the house in the photograph above but I absolutely love it.  It is the perfect bathing oasis.