Peacock Mosaic Tile

Peacock Mosaic Tile | KitchAnn Style

Look closely at this picture and you can see the individual mosaic pieces that make up the peacock plumage.  These glass mosaic tiles from New Ravena Mosaics are hand cut from 6″ glass stalks.

Glass mosaics don’t have to be sheets of uniform tiles.  You can let your imagination and color palette run wind

New Ravena Mosaics was founded in 1991 by Sara Baldwin, one of the countries best mosaic designers.  She draws much of her inspiration from the Virginia Coastal area.

Designs start at $120 per square foot.

Design Idea for Bathroom

 Hunting for the perfect mirror for the bathroom can sometimes seem impossible. 

I really like how the use of multiple small mirrors over the mosaic tile keeps

this sink area fresh and interesting. 

It’s also a great solution when a tall adult and a small child will use the room. 

I don’t recommend keeping the towel in the sink though.

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