VPNFilter Botnet has Hacked 500,000 Routers

VPNFilter Botnet has Hacked 500,000 Routers

A few weeks ago, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) issued an alert about state-supported Russian hackers carrying out attacks against a large number of home routers in the U.S.

This is a big deal, so pay attention. When your router is compromised, a hacker can inflict damage, not just on the router itself, but on every connected device running on your network. Continue reading “VPNFilter Botnet has Hacked 500,000 Routers”

Whirlpool Showcases Latest Tech

Most of us in the Kitchen and Bath Design World are focused on KBIS next week so the news that Whirlpool received nine International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 Innovation Awards for seven new kitchen and laundry products this week might have been missed.

 Amazon Dash Built In

Whirlpool Smart Dishwasher, Washer and Dryer allows families to auto-order detergent, Whirlpool’s Affresh dishwasher cleaner or dryer sheets through Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service (DRS).

The appliances determine when they need to order more supplies based on the number of cycles they’ve run since the last order.

Whirlpool’s new washer and dryer are both set to go on sale later this year for $1,399 each.

Smart Kitchen Suite

Smart Kitchen Suite can also tell Whirlpool’s new smart washer and dryer to activate various modes, including quiet mode for those late night wash sessions, and “wrinkle shield” for when you’re away from home but don’t want your clothes crumpling in the dryer.

The complete suite includes the Smart French Door Refrigerator, Smart Front Control Range, and Smart Dishwasher, all of which fall under what Whirlpool is calling the CareSync system.

The setting can be activated manually, or automatically, through the Smart Kitchen Suite’s new Nest integration.

For example, the Smart French Door Refrigerator offers a Party Mode for entertaining, which drops fridge temperatures to keep foods from getting warm (due to repeated opening and closing), not to mention make ice faster. The Smart Refrigerator also uses smart notifications to alert families of a power or WiFi outage, so food in the fridge can be checked on immediately.

Tech for a Better World

With a new program called Connect to Care, you’ll be able to automatically donate to Habitat for Humanity every time you run the washing machine. The program is meant to show how big change can be accomplished through incremental good deeds — you can give as little as 10 cents with each load.

This smart washer and dryer also integrate with the Nest Learning Thermostat, so when Nest is set to Away, the dryer can switch to Eco Mode to save energy (up to 73%) with a longer, more energy-efficient cycle.

You Can Be More Connected to You Home Appliances with Google’s Nest

Google-owned Nest Labs can keep you more connected with your home thanks to the many new third-party devices added to its “Works with Nest”  Program.

The  Works with Nest program originally launched with consumer brands including Whirlpool, Jawbone and LED bulb-maker LIFX.

According to Nest Labs senior product manager Greg Hu, the company’s goal is to keep the interactions between his company’s products and Continue reading “You Can Be More Connected to You Home Appliances with Google’s Nest”

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