Best Use of Paperstone

I haven’t been the biggest fan of Paperstone, the sustainable solid surface material made from recycled paper, because it shows water spots. However, I recently stumbled across these images of a kitchen and an island countertop made with various shades of the eco-friendly material.

Designer Alessio Bassan gets all the credit but I’d like to give a nod to the fabrication team for the Key Kitchen Project.


Bazzeo by NY Loft not only boasts good looks and clean lines, it is Eco-friendly too.

The boxes are made from 1/4″ Paperstone with wood veneer, laminate or aluminum fronts in their NJ factory.  The manufacturing process employs energy saving techniques, recycling of scraps and low-VOC lacquers.


I’d worry a little about aluminum on lower cabinets scratching but I can’t deny it’s beautiful.