Cable Organization Hacks

Cable Organization Hacks using objects you LEGO figure

3 Easy DIY Cable Organization Hacks

A charging drawer is one of the best Cable Organization Hacks

If you don’t have one of these charging drawers in your home office or kitchen you probably have to deal with a lot of cables sitting around.

The biggest problem with loose cables is that they are tend to move around, get tangled and mixed up at times. If you mix up the charger intended with for your tablet with on meant for a cell phone if will not draw as much amperage and it will take a lot longer to charge. Continue reading “Cable Organization Hacks”

The Docking Drawer

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a contractor scratch his head and look at me with glazed eyes as I try to describe what I need from his electrician to provide a drawer for my clients to charge their devices out of sight.

Charging drawer | Kitchen Studio of Naples

The Docking Drawer™ from JTech Solutions removes the hassle with a convenient and safe way to integrate a grounded outlet into a cabinet drawer.

The outlet comes with two grounded  3-pronged outlets and two USB outlets with integrated on/off safety switch. The Docking Drawer™ is UL 962 approval pending and max rated for  3A/375w. The circuit is protected by 5A pop out breaker accessible from inside the cabinet.

Charging drawer | Kitchen Studio of Naples

The Docking drawer is best installed during new construction but can be retrofitted if you can run an electrical line to the rear of the cabinet. The drawer may need to be modified since the device has a limited reach. The device alone costs $139.00.

I think I might need to test one and see how it works with my standard cabinet specs.