Bic Biro Recycled Chandelier

This fabulous chandelier made from 347 Bic Cristal pens and 347 paper clips.  It is on display at the Science Museum of London as part of the exhibit Plasticity – 100 years of making plastics. The exhibit celebrates the ingenuity involved in creating “the first truly man-made material,” as well as its modern substitutes, while looking at the environmental implications of this discovery and plastics’ subsequent spread around the world.

The Bic Biro Chandelier was made by Spanish design company enPieza Studio. This is not their first light made from recycled pens.  They have created a table lamp named the Volivik 50 from various color Bic pens and the Volivik 77 pendant light from orange pens.

The chandelier reminds me some of the chandelier made from plastic coffee stirrers that I mentioned a while ago on KitchAnn Style.  The pens in the close up view also seem to be full of ink so I am not sure they were not purchased solely to make the lights.

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