Recycled Chandeliers

I am past due for a new post on recycled lighting. Sorry for that. These cool lights are by Christian DuCharme, a Swiss designer from Zürich. Previously a set designer and window display artist, Ducharme now works as an interior and accessories designer.

The first light is titled 300 Cups Lamp. As you might guess, it was created from 300 cups. DuCharme’s other lights are made from plastic spoons and coffee filters. I think he really loves coffee or coffee houses.

 This playing card sphere is from graphic designer Nick Sayer. He’s a master at creating geodesic spheres. I especially like the one he made from bicycle reflectors. For the first lamp, 270 recycled poker cards are precisely cut with 4 slits and locked together – no glue! The Coke bottle light is also amazing when I think that it is held together without any adhesive.

More Recycled Chandeliers

I have had many readers tell me they really like the chandelier from a previous post made from coffee stirrers .  So in response, I have hunted down a few more recycled chandeliers that I think are also beautiful and inspiring.

This light of pop art flowers is made from recycled soda bottle bottoms. Artist Michelle Brand says her Cascade Chandelier can be seen two ways, as a grim comment on a throw away culture or an homage to the beauty found in mass produced items. I can see this as being a fun family project when the weather outside is too cold or wet.

Don’t let the color fool you on this next light by Stuart Haygarth. This light is crafted from 416 disposable plastic wine glasses.  A pink fluorescent light inside creates the striking color.  If this light is too big he also makes one from 280 glasses.  I want to know who is drinking all that wine. Stuart Haygarth has made many chandeliers from found objects.

My new favorite of his is made from water bottles confiscated at the airport.  It replaces my previous favorite, the Tide chandelier, made from trash that washed up on the shores of the Kent coast line.  

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For smaller lights, I admire the work of Johanna Keimeyer.  She carves up plastic bottles to create interesting and whimsical pendants.

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