The Home Entertainer’s Ultimate Refrigerator – Really?

samsung t9000 | KitchAnn styleAt the 2013 CES show Samsung decided to throw their hat in the ring with other manufacturers who have shown Refrigerators with touchscreens.

The 32 cu. ft. capacity Samsung T9000 LCD Four-Door Refrigerator represents the next evolution in refrigerator design, with a new form factor that delivers the most fresh food storage in its class according to Samsung.

The top compartment is a refrigerator with 19.4 cu. ft. capacity French Door compartment. The bottom left is a 6.1 cu. ft. freezer. The bottom right side can be either refrigerator or freezer depending on your personal needs.

The refrigerator also comes with apps to help families stay connected and organized. Whether you’d want your Calendar and Weather apps on your kitchen appliance is up to you. Samsung seems proud to offer Evernote integration. While I love the app, I can’t help but imagine all the smudges you’d have on the screen.

No pricing is available yet for the refrigerator  but the touchscreen-less model  out in the spring will be around $3,999.

Samsung t9000 \ KitchAnn Style

Samsung Appliances at CES 2012

The South Korean electronics maker unveiled many new products at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas but only one was a smart phone.

Samsung unveiled their SMH2117S over the range microwave which is the first microwave with an LED light for lighting the cooking surface below. The lamp uses less than a tenth of the power consumption (2.4W/1EA) of conventional incandescent (40W/1EA) or halogen (20W/1EA) cooktop lamps.

An Eco Mode saves up to 40% in energy by turning the display off when not in use. The microwave also has a porcelain enamel interior, which the company said makes it seven times more scratch and rust resistant than other microwave interiors.

In addition to being a microwave and a hood, the new SMH2117S is also a convection oven and a toaster oven. This is going to be a huge space-saver for many home owners.

Samsung’s RF4289  and RSG309 LCD refrigerators are designed to be the first refrigerators with kitchen-relevant apps on a WiFi-enabled 8-inch LCD touchscreen. The Grocery List app will allow consumers to create their own highly personalized shopping lists at the touch of a button, while the Facebook app will provide instant access to consumers’ newsfeeds.

I personally don’t stand too much in front of the refrigerator so I think the Facebook app is pretty much a useless gimmick.  Depending on how far away your refrigerator is from your prep area or the range; looking at online recipes on the door panel may be inconvenient as well.

While both of the previous appliances won awards at the show, the appliance that stole the show is new WF457 Front Load Washing Machine. This washer is not only the industry’s largest washer it offers never before seen Smart Control technology.

Through a WiFi network and a smart phone application, users can monitor cycle selections, remaining time and finishing alerts, as well as remotely start or pause the washer

The WF457 washer is also the first from Samsung to feature SpeedSpray, which delivers a cleansing shot of water with dissolved detergent and then a rinsing shot for improved rinsing performance. These result in a cycle time that is up to 25 percent shorter compared with conventional washers. In addition, Samsung‟s Smart Care system makes user manuals obsolete by quickly diagnosing washer issues and sending alerts to consumers‟ smart phones.

The washer and matching dryer is said to be available in Onyx or White this Spring at major retailers.