ActiveWash from Samsung

If you haven’t heard yet, Samsung just unveiled a new washing machine with a built-in sink so that you can pre-treat stained clothing and drop them directly into the washer.

The latest top load washer from Samsung features ActiveWash technology. With built-in water jets under its lid and a surface for scrubbing out stains homeowners without a laundry tub will no longer have to attempt to hand wash clothes in a small bathroom sink or worse the bathtub.

Samsung ActiveWash | KitchAnn Style

A conveniently place water button allows for easy start and stop of water when hand washing. Once finished, raising the built-in scrubbing area pours the water into the machine.

Samsung ActiveWash | KitchAnn Style

The new ActiveWash washer also features an accelerated wash cycle with Samsung’s proprietary Super Speed technology that can clean a normal load of clothes in as little as 36 minutes.

Samsung ActiveWash | KitchAnn Style

Also, ActiveWash is equipped with Samsung’s state-of-the-art technology such as VRT, which reduces vibration, and SmartCare, which provides laundry status updates to mobile devices.

Samsung will start selling the ActiveWash washer in White and Platinum in the US in Spring 2015.

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