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Armani Casa has expanded it’s design philosophy of complete home design one step farther with Bridge Kitchen.  The look is what one would expect from Armani – sleek and elegant.  Armani uses luxurious materials like Brazilian Sukupira Wood, Black Metal and Brushed Chrome.

The center unit of the kitchen has been designed to present two distinct faces.  The Kitchen side is technical speaking to the functional elements of the kitchen.  The Dining side is more glamorous and luxurious.

This special kitchen built-in refrigerator and freezer with an ice machine which is more American than Italian since Italians shop daily for fresh food.




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 London Armani Casa

GE High Efficiency Incandescent Lamp

incan.jpgEdisons invention may stay around a little longer now that GE has begun work on creating a high efficiency incandescent light bulb that will be as energy efficient as a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and deliver high-quality light output.

Over the last four years GE has invested over $200 million in the development of their high efficiency incandescent (HEI).  GE has set a target for these new lamps at initial production to be nearly twice as efficient as current incandescents and deliver 30 Lumens per watt.  Their later goal is for the HEI bulb to be four times as efficient and comparable to CFL bulbs.

In addition to desirable light quality, GE says the new HEI lamp will have instant-on convenience and be priced less than current CFLs.  Don’t worry about waiting for the CFLs you just bought to burn out; these new HEI lamps won’t be on the market until 2010.

Is Your TV too Big for Your Room?

TV and Room Size | KitchAnn Style
tv.jpgMost people do a lot of research before they buy a new TV.  They read various magazines, search the Internet and view various models in person for picture quality.  Unfortunately many people only measure the length of the available wall and give little consideration to the seating distance.

The old rules stated the proper seating distance was 7 to 9 times the picture height from a 480p TV.  This was so you were close enough to see the scan lines. When newer (720p) TVs came out the had pixels instead of scan lines. For the most part the same rules were applied; except that you can sit closer since the resolution is better.

The new debate is now about HD or 1080p TVs. Some experts say with a TV playing a perfect source (BluRay) a person can sit as close as 3 times the display height.  I’ve seen another report that says you can sit as close as 1.5 times the diagonal with a perfect source.  That seems really close to me but I can understand a gamer using this calculation. (Math: Screen Diagonal x 0.49 = Screen Height)

At 5 times the picture height, the screen may appear a little smaller than you like, but your eyes won’t be able to pick up as much noise on the screen. Unless you are sitting closer than 9.8 feet to the new 50″ TV you’ve had your eyes on, the difference between 720p and 1080p won’t be apparent. Most people sit about 10 feet from the TV. CNET chart
To figure out what size is best for your room, divide the seating distance by 5.  This will give you the desired screen height.  Divide the screen height by .49 will give you the screen diagonal.  If you want a larger screen than your viewing distance is capable of, then you need to increase your resolution.  A 65″ TV for 10 feet needs to be 1080p to compensate for the closer distance.Here’s a chart from CNET that requires no math.  It’s calculations are for HDTV.

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Silver Recycled Glassware

It seems these days the buzz is all about Green Designrecycle glasswarerecycle glasswareProducts from flooring to bath towels are made of bamboo.  Napkins and coffee filters are made from hemp.  Recycled glass is everywhere.  It is incorporated into countertops, tiles, hardware and serveware.  I absolutely fell in love with this glassware from VivaTerra because it doesn’t look recycled.  It is very sophisticated.

What could be better than being stylish and environmentally friendly?

recycled glassware