Induction range

DivaVery soon Diva de Provencewill be making it’s new Diva 365 induction range available . The 36-inch stainless steel professional range is an industry first, combining an all-electric convection self-cleaning oven with a five burner induction cooktop.The five burner Diva Induction cooktop utilizes electromagnetic energy that heats only the cookware. The onyx vitroceramic glass surface remains cool to the touch providing easy clean up of spilled food that would typically burn on the surface of a regular cooktop.  Also, Diva Induction Cooktops heat food faster, boiling water in half the time of the most powerful gas or electric burner, while the kitchen stays cool. This rapid heating process saves time and energy.Not all pots and pans will work for induction cooking. For your cookware to work on induction it requires a ferrous metal base or layer. This ferrous metal is necessary as it is the layer that will get hot when placed in the electromagnetic field. Generally speaking, most stainless steel cookware and cast iron cookware will work on induction cooktops. Copper, glass and aluminum cookware will not work on induction. To test your cookware to see if it will work on induction, try to stick a magnet to the base. If it sticks it will work.

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