Childproof Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinet childproof lock Say goodbye to all those unsightly plastic cabinet locks.  Smallbone of Devizes offers wireless receivers hidden inside cabinets. Touch a button on the wireless remote and an inconspicuous steel prong on storage pullouts and drawers is activated or released. The technology allows parents to childproof their kitchens—or, with multiple receivers programmed to lock selectively, to limit entry by employees. These devices can be used outside the kitchen in office cabinetry and luxurious closet cabinetry. Each lock costs about $650.

Reverse bathtub

Reverse bathtub

Why do Model homes never have shower curtains in the bathroom?  Because the room looks bigger.  Here’s a way to give your home that Model look and be practical.

When this creative bathtub by Cesana is being used as a shower the glass door swings open to serve as an enclosure and the teak shelf can be used as a seat.  The small glass door swings in giving access to the water controls without having to enter the shower.

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Unique Kitchen Lighting

italian kitchen with floor lamp | KitchAnn Style
I found this kitchen on an Italian website and I was struck by the lighting for the island.

italian kitchen 

It is lit by the Achille and Pier Castiglioni Arco floor lamp. I have always loved this iconic light but I’m not sure I’d want it in the middle of my kitchen.

What do you think?  Is this an innovative idea or better as a photo prop?

Design Idea

glass shower

Sometimes, especially in high rises, it is impossible to relocate floor drains in bathrooms.  I like this creative solution that solves a delimma caused by not being able to locate the shower at the end of the bathroom.  

This bathroom would look very cramped if the shower was not frameless and clear.  Even the door has minimal hardware.  Using the same color troweled on the wall also gives the room a continuous flow.  Although this room is not for the modest, the glass shower helps to separate the toilet and bidet from the sink.