Plumen Bulbs

Plumen is the antithesis of low energy light bulbs as we know them. Rather than hide the unappealing traditional compact fluorescent light (CFL) behind boring utility, Plumen 001 is a bulb you’ll want on show.

The manufacturer, Hulgar, notes that what the bulb offers in aesthetics can sometimes be the tipping point for on-the-fence consumers who aren’t easily willing to pay the extra few dollars for the eco-friendly bulbs. While Plumen is currently available only in Europe right now, it is coming to the US next year and will probably cost $30.

The PLUMEN’s name comes from the plume-like forms that drop from
the pendent fitting, twisting together as they fold outward. A bird’s
plumes are not functional and unlike their flying feathers they signify
pride, beauty and prowess, qualities in keeping with the purpose of
HULGER’s proposed bulb designs… Surely the tubular formation of these
objects should be used to its’ advantage, drawing, sculpting or scrawling
in the air with light, turning these afterthoughts into centrepiece and perhaps
in the process creating designs that people will buy through genuine
desire rather than mere moral obligation.

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  1. these are beautiful bulbs, and when they do hit america, i really recommend getting one. They look amazing just on a electric cord, or use with a lampshade.

    This design is almost worth the long time suffering with those ugly energy saving bulbs that took an age to get to full brightness.

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