Kenmore Elite Ranges Recalled by Electrolux for Two Problems

Kenmore Elite ranges sold exclusively at Sears from May 2014 – April 2015 are being recalled for two hazards.

About 5,300 Sears Kenmore Elite stainless steel slide-in gas, electric and dual-fuel ranges, manufactured in the US and distributed by Electrolux Home Products Inc., of Charlotte, N.C. are being recalled due to a laceration hazard.


The stainless steel trim below the range control panel can have a sharp edge and potentially cut you. There is one report of a consumer getting stitches.

The recall includes the Elite slide-in gas ranges sold May 2014 through April 2015 with model numbers 790.32623xxx, 790.32633xxx, 790.32643xxx, Electric ranges with model numbers 790.42553xxx, 790.42563xxx, 790.42623xxx, and Dual Fuel ranges with model numbers 790.42603xxx and 790.42613xxx. Customers may identify the recalled ranges by locating the model number located on the inside frame of the range door to the left.

Kenmore Elite Recall 2015 | KitchAnn StyleThe second recall is more serious involves about 250 Sears Kenmore Elite Dual Fuel ranges that may allow the burner flame to go out while the gas is turned on. This can allow gas to escape posing a fire and burn hazard if the user attempts to reignite a flame.

The recall includes Kenmore stainless steel slide-in ranges with gas cooktops and electric ovens sold between June and October 2014 with model numbers 790.42603xxx with serial numbers ranging between AF42500601 through AF43000916 and model number 790.42613xxx with serial numbers ranging from AF42500541 through AF43103647.

If you own one of these affected appliances you should stop using it immediately and contact Sears for your free repair.

Customers with Kenmore Elite ranges posing a laceration hazard should contact Sears at 800-873-5011 and customers with recalled Kenmore Elite Dual Fuel Ranges should call 888-710-9284.

Sears has buried the Safety Notices on their website so I am providing the link here.

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    Thanks to Ann Porter for sharing news of another recall. Kenmore appliances reach a large number of people due to the price point and availability. Please make note of the model and serial numbers if you have purchased a Kenmore Elite range between May 2014 – April 2015.

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