Learn How You Can Make Beautiful Concrete Tiles

Ever wanted to learn how to cast professional quality concrete tiles for your home or business? You don’t have to be a Maker with a store on Etsy to get in on this great opportunity.

DIY Cement Tile | KitchAnn Style

Conservatory of Craft founder Brandon Gore of Gore Design Co. and Hard Goods launched a Kickstarter campaign that was fully funded in March for DIY concrete tile kits. Now you can purchase your own mold through their partner company the Concrete Design School.

If you’re from the Tempe area you may already be familiar with the amazing school that teaches you how to work with GFRC or Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete.

According to Brandon, response has been very good. They have artisans posting their tile photos on Instagram.

DIY Tile Example | KitchAnn Style

Gradually 12 different designs will be released. I’m pretty excited to see the new patterns and how they might interplay with one another.

The Kickstarter campaign offered Ultra High-Performance Concrete Mix that allowed you to create your 9×9 tiles for about one third the price of retail.

DIY Cement Tile Pigment | KitchAnn Style

I didn’t see any pigments specifically listed when I was visiting the online store but that could be due to not wanting to move a lot of inventory to their new home soon to be location in northwest Arkansas.

I think I need to add the school to my bucket list. What do you think?


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