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Last week I was checking out Du Verre: The Hardware Co. hardware and the fabulous designers they have collaborated with to create their “design-driven” collections. I was reading about Christopher Smith from East Main Design and the two collections – Polar and Rise, that he collaborated on. The first thing you see on the East Main Design website are the words “Nothing is Boring. The world is way too rich with design possibilities.”  I’m hooked and inspired to write this post about the Du Verre designers.

If you aren’t familiar with Du Verre, they are a Canadian manufacturer of quality decorative hardware made from recycled aluminum. While most pieces are die cast, a few are made using sand casting. All of these little works of art are finished by hand.

Rio by Du Verre | KitchAnn Style


Clodagh has designed 4 collections for Du Verre so she seems like a logical place to start. Clodagh, principal and CEO of Clodagh Designs in New York, is a legend in the design world who has worked in over 90 countries and marshaled her talents into being able to re-imagine anything her clients ask her to. She has designed everything from interiors and landscapes to packaging and uniforms. Clodagh is well known for her steadfast dedication to the use of feng shui, chromatherapy, biophillia, and sustainable materials. Clodagh’s collections for Du Verre include Primitive, Stacked,Tribal and Kuba.

Clodagh Du Verre collage | KitchAnn Style

Christopher Smith

The Polar and Rise hardware collections were designed by Christopher Smith of East Main Design and Development. He specializes in left of center creative solutions through a deep understanding of consumer markets. His projects range from Branding and Identity to Furniture and Hardware. No matter the project the goal is always the same: achieve moving solutions while striving for sustainable use of materials and efficient use of resources appropriate for the client and marketplace.

Christopher Smith De Verre Collage | KitchAnn Style

Goodman & Charlton

Jeffrey Goodman is a Magna cum Laude graduate from Harvard College, with a BA in Visual and Environmental Studies, and Steven Charlton is an honors graduate from Brighton School of Art in England, with a BA in Graphic Design.

Together the two formed Goodman Charlton, a design firm that now specializes in hospitality, residential interior and furniture designs. Most recently and notably, the team just finished up the grand renovation of the Empire Hotel, near Lincoln Center, where they created a lavish yet modern interior from furnishings around the world. The Marcel hardware collection was originally conceived for the renovation of the Marcel Hotel in New York. It is a fun collection with playful geometric shapes.

Goodman Charlton Du Verre Collage | KitchAnn Style

William Harvey

William Harvey is an artist, musician and a designer. He is widely known for his innovative houseware and accessory designs for UMBRA and for making sculptures out of found objects. He works out of his studio in Williamsburg, NY where he lives with his family. Harvey is a spokesman for the North Brooklyn Creative Economy Zone and advocates for inclusion of mixed-use and commercial space in new developments. He has designed two collections for Du Verre – Arroyo, a sleek architectural collection and  Lotus, an organic sculptural collection.

William Harvey Du Verre Collage | KitchAnn Style

Heinz Pfleger

Heinz Pfleger was trained in Austria and now makes his home in Canada. He is one of North America’s most talented metalsmiths. He was an early collaborator with DuVerre and created three collections.  Forged 2 and Forged 3 were created from the original classic Forged Collection and the Pomegranate collection is a series of nature-inspired hardware rich with texture. Pfleger concentrates primarily on one-of-a-kind architectural projects and fine furniture.

Heinz Pfleger Du Verre Collage | KitchAnn Style

Erin Adams

Erin Adams is well known in the kitchen and bath design world as premier mosaic tile designer. In her work as both artisan and interior designer, Erin infuses sophisticated urban sensibilities with elements of the folk art tradition. Erin’s mission is to create and produce innovative products that imbue sophistication and grace, inspire self reflection and keep fine craftsmanship alive in a world of mass production. Her goal to collaborate with other artists by pushing boundaries and materials to where they have never been before has led to collaborations with Ann Sacks and New Ravenna Mosaics. Erin designed the multidimensional Offset Collection.

Erin Adams Du Verre Collage | KitchAnn Style

Jeff Goodman

Jeff Goodman was an innovator in the field of architectural glass. He passed away in 2012 after a valiant battle with cancer.  Apart from running Jeff Goodman Studio, which he established in 1989, Goodman was a board member for the Ontario Craft Council and for the Glass Art Association of Canada. He was also a mentor and advisor at Harbourfront Centre and he taught at Sheridan College. Before he passed away, Goodman had completed a major commission for the Baha’i Temple of Light, designed by Hariri Pontarini Architects, in Santiago, Chile. Jeff was another early collaborator with Du Verre and his hardware series called The Jeff Goodman Collection is appreciated for its Zen-like qualities.

Jeff Goodman Du Verre Collage | KitchAnn Style

Scot Laughton

Scot Laughton is an award-winning Industrial designer. He established Scot Laughton Studio in  1992 and has designed furniture and products for furnishings companies such as Keilhauer, Nienkämper, Pure Design, and Umbra. He is a founding member of Furnace, a collective committed to producing thoughtful, functionally appropriate, minimalist designs through collaborative effort.  His Series 3 hardware collection for Du Verre is both bold and subtle, making use of elegant shapes, planes and organic curves to create a finished product that is as fantastic as it is practical.

Scott Laughton  Du Verre Collage |KitchAnn Style

Gina Lubin

The Rio hardware collection is designed by Du Verre co-founder, Gina Lubin.  Inspired by ancient ruins and symbols, Rio’s patterns have an air of mystery and a one-of-a-kind feeling. Rio knobs and pulls are as much art as a functional piece of design. Rio has an exotic look and sculptural feeling with each piece hand finished.  Gina’s  focus on detail and texture combined with perfect function reflect her philosophy of simplicity; “Form, function quality and originality – with these ingredients you can create a sustainable and beautiful environment. Wellness, balance and harmony are the wonderful byproducts of good design. Through quality comes pleasure and peace of mind.”

Gina Lubin Du Verre Collage | KitchAnn Style

Du Verre can be purchased through designers and dealers as well as online. Check the Where to Buy page on for more information.
(Du Verre is a sponsor for BlogTour London 2013, but the views and opinions expressed on this blog are mine, and I will be honest in what I share. You, the reader, are my top priority and it is my goal to make sure you can trust the content and integrity of this blog.)

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