ActiveSmart Technology from Fisher & Paykel

We live in a designed world and we believe everybody deserves good design. The ongoing collaboration between design engineers and customers has changed the course of appliance design for us as a company and for those who use our products day in and day out.

Fisher & Paykel are striving to set themselves apart from the competition with their ActiveSmart refrigeration technology.

Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart | KitchAnn Style

ActiveSmart consists of a microprocessor, interior temperature sensors, independently controlled variable speed fans and multiple air ducts. The microprocessor controls how the refrigerator operates based on changing patterns of use. The sensors continuously send information to the microprocessor, which analyses and adjusts the fan speed and compressor operations accordingly to deliver a consistent and stable temperature. Continuous feedback means that ActiveSmart has the ability to respond to intelligently adapt to daily use to help save energy, cooling and defrosting only when they need to without compromising on food care.


Taking the idea of the flexible DishDrawer and ActiveSmart refrigeration technology, Fisher & Paykel developed the CoolDrawer, a multi-temperature drawer-based fridge. It can be placed anywhere in the kitchen or home and the CoolDrawer provides five temperature settings to deliver total flexibility – fridge, freezer, chill, pantry and wine mode.

Intelligent Design

One of the worst things about replacing a refrigerator is waiting for he new unit to cool to the desired temperature. Fisher & Paykel’s Rapid Chill feature is very convenient. Independent variable-speed fans control airflow through multiple air ducts to all compartment as well as rapid chill and freezing to ensure food safety and maintain food quality.

Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart | KitchAnn Style

Fisher & Paykel built-in appliances are designed to install flush with existing cabinet openings – provided you have 25″ of depth and 72″ of height. The depth of the newly designed refrigerators is 23.75″ without the door panel. This shorter design might prove to be easier to work with than other 84″ models but some families may find the 16.8 cu. ft. (5.1 freezer, 11.7 refrigerator) of storage inadequate for their needs.