Aquariums – Then and Now

A few years back when Custom Home Builders and Architects in Naples were working at the height of the Real Estate Boom there were a ton of custom aquariums being built into kitchens, bars, fireplaces and room dividers.

Built-in Aquiarium Inspiration | KitchAnn Style


Built-in Aquiarium Inspiration | KitchAnn Style

It’s amazing how quickly these built-ins look dated. The second picture is more transitional than the first since its free of the carved moldings designer and architects were so especially fond of.

Care for these large aquariums can be quite costly which is probably one reason they fell out of favor during the recession. But if you have the space and the budget, a beautiful aquarium that is on trend is possible.


Built-in Aquiarium Inspiration | KitchAnn Style

Photo Credit: Mike Butler Photography

I really like this tall family room aquarium. The built-in itself is quite clean and would easily tie into a future remodel if the homeowners decided to change the style of the room.

For the ultimate in luxurious interior design consider this kitchen island aquarium by Dutch designer Robert Koleik. The Ocean Kitchen (Ocean ‘Keuken’) was custom designed by Koleik’s firm Eco Chic Design and can be commissioned in limited quantities.

Built-in Aquiarium Inspiration | KitchAnn Style

The aquarium island features a small sink, a linear cooktop, filter, automatic feeding system  and a hydraulic lift that raises the countertop – plumbing and gas line intact – for access to the aquarium below.

Built-in Aquiarium Inspiration | KitchAnn Style

I can’t believe the top doesn’t bow under its own weight as the single lift raises the top. I’ve read that the top is made of acrylic (Corian) but I’m not sure that’s correct since the gas hobs are installed directly in it. Regardless, it still has to be heavy.

Built-in Aquiarium Inspiration | KitchAnn Style


I do like  how the mirrored back makes this large aquarium look even bigger and makes you forget there is cabinetry on the back.



Porsche Outdoor Kitchen

Porsche Design Studio may have stretched a bit in naming their first Grill an Outdoor Kitchen.

This collaborative endeavor between Porsche and Grand Hall Co. combines Porsche’s impeccable detail and style with Grand Hall’s advanced grilling technology in the powerful X-Series Grill.

The X-Series features 4 Crossray® laterally mounted infrared burners, integrated concealed rotisserie with rechargeable battery pack, LCD display and counter balanced hood.

“Even the first sketches by Porsche Design opened up
a new era for the Grandhall outdoor kitchen.”

The grill features 1,120 square inches of cooking space with four ceramic infrared burners that deliver up to 52,000 BTU of highly controllable heat. It is available in black or Stainless Steel.

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