6 Alternatives To Calacatta Marble

Today's marble alternatives have the veins, blooms and fine variations that would be expected in natural stone
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If you’re shopping around for surfacing material, you probably already know that few things say elegance like marble.

In the world of white marble there are many variances – some tend towards gray while others are a bit more creamy or granular. Those in the most pure form are without a doubt the hardest to procure and therefore the most expensive.  Continue reading6 Alternatives To Calacatta Marble

Versace Palace Stone Tile

Versace Tile | KitchAnn Style
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A  new collaborative effort between Versace Ceramic Design and tile manufacturer Gardenia-Orchidea brings a beautiful collection called Palace Stone.Versace Greek Key | KitchAnn Style

This powerful collection delivers  textured orsemi-polished geometric tiles for both walls and floors.  Tile sizes range from small mosaics to large format tiles.  Exquisite details include metal inlays and relief patterns that look hand crafted.

Versace Palace Stone

The back of each tile is engraved with the Versce Logo to prevent counterfeiting.

Versace logo on back