Jade French Door Wall Oven

Jade French Door Wall ovenMy previous post about the French Door Wall Oven from American Range seemed to draw a lot of interest so I couldn’t wait to report the news that Jade Appliances is working on their own French door model for shipment in 2008.

The tandem doors open to 135 degrees on both sides, providing easy access.  The doors are also spring-loaded from the 90 degree position to the fully open position to ensure that they never close inadvertently.  The oven will have convection bake and broil capabilities with electronic controls and roller racks.

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  1. Can’t wait to see this on the market. How exciting to find a versatile commercial type oven for the home. This will save the back.

  2. I WANT one of these ovens! If my husband isn’t here, we don’t get that 23 pound turkey, cuz I can’t pick it up and get it over the door into the oven once it’s in the pan and stuffed!
    Is this Jade Appliance oven on the market yet? I saw it on the HGTV Kitchen/Bath show a couple of years ago when it was introduced, but haven’t been able to find one in a store, or even in a catalog!
    If anybody knows whether it’s available to go see/buy, please let me know where. Thanks!

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