JennAir Rebrands for Next Generation

JennAir unveils a new brand campaign this week at the Architectural Digest Design Show in New York City.

JennAir’s multi-million dollar “Bound By Nothing” campaign and unveil of more than 70 new products marks the most significant investment in the JennAir brand since its acquisition by Whirlpool in 2006.

Along with a new look for its appliances, JennAir, the brand, is introducing a new logo and watermark which removes the “-”  from its old name, JennAir, and a new tagline, “Bound by Nothing,” which expresses the idea that “JennAir brand is limitless, pacing a path of progress in the luxury category,” the company states.

JennAir Rebrands for Next Generation | KitchAnn Style


A new 90-second anthem video mimics fashion or luxury advertising more than traditional appliance messaging with quick-editing images of contrasting moments as well as strikingly attractive people to position this kitchen brand as rebellious and modern.



“For too long, luxury kitchens have been designed with a compliant mindset that conforms to a one-size-fits-all notion of luxury,” noted Whirlpool president Joe Liotine. “This uniform interpretation of modern luxury lacks inspiration and inhibits personal expression. JennAir exists, more than ever before, to empower designers and tastemakers to bury these blind conventions and give new life to luxury rooted in confident, bespoke, earned and exclusive tenets.”

JennAir Rebrands for Next Generation | KitchAnn Style

Appliances for the Discerning Indulger

The launch of the new JennAir line is based upon deep qualitative and quantitative research into the mindset of the modern luxury consumer, which the company describes as the “Discerning indulger.” They are the next generation of luxury consumers, primarily GenXers and leading-edge millennials, who are reaching the height of their earning power. They are in the sweet spot for the high-end appliance market as they trade up to their larger forever homes.

The design of the new product line is intended to capture that spirit through more modern, contemporary styling and with technology fully integrated into each appliance. “Looking across the luxury market, we found luxury brands resting on their laurels,” Hall expresses. “Conventional luxury has become complacent. Old luxury does not align with these new expectations for digital connectivity.”

JennAir Rebrands for Next Generation | KitchAnn Style

JennAir Rebrands for Next Generation | KitchAnn Style

The new leather columns will be available in late 2018, but designers can reserve one of the 400 sets beginning now.

“For the Discerning Indulgers technology is fully integrated in their lives, which they also expect in their kitchens.”

Technology as the new butler in the home

Coming to market in late 2018, the JennAir digital platform delivers heightened engagement to consumers and is seamlessly integrated into the new suite of JennAir products.

JennAir’s technology enables consumers to manage food inventory in the refrigerator, control functions and settings through the JennAir app, get recipes and cooking directions, and have push-button access to the call center if problems arise.

The appliances are also capable of communicating with other smart home technology. For example, JennAir is fully integrated with Google’s Nest thermostat system so that if the oven hits a certain temperature and the kitchen starts to heat up, it will automatically adjust the thermostat.

JennAir Rebrands for Next Generation | KitchAnn Style
ennAir Rebrands for Next Generation | KitchAnn Style

As industry leaders, JennAir appliances work hard for consumers. Each month, owners will receive comprehensive insights into their appliance status and behavior, including tips to get the most out of their JennAir appliances.



As the Bound By Nothing revolution takes its place in kitchens in late 2018, JennAir will give designers the power to transform kitchen design, encouraging owners to break from common experiences and parity in such an important space. Across two new design expressions, RISE and NOIR, consumers and designers will experience the aesthetic edge they prefer as it relates to their appliances.

The two distinct design expressions are made to meet the modern luxury consumers’ desires and work to deliver professional-style appliances for the home or an alternate option for those allured by minimalism and poise. Born of the same spirit to rebel against tradition, RISE elevates the current standard of luxury, while NOIR completely flips convention on its head, delivering swagger to the category. A digital platform cuts across all products and design expressions to deliver distinctive, uncompromised performance and service.

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