U by Moen WiFi Shower

It’s hard to believe back in 2009 I was writing about Moen’s ioDigital app controlled shower.

This next-generation WiFi/cloud-based digital shower experience is born from the partnership between Moen and Grid Connect.

U by Moen offers homeowners the option to create their ideal showering experience using an app.

U by Moen | KitchAnn StyleThe U by Moen shower includes a digital thermostatic valve that responds to settings from an app on your phone. The WiFi-connected control panel  features a five-inch, non-touch, LCD screen with two preset buttons.

U by Moen | KitchAnn Style

The mobile app allows for further personalization providing 12 settings for name, greeting, outlets, temperature, shower timer and notifications.

It’s Good for the environment

The U by Moen helps homeowners who want to conserve water with settings that pause the shower once the desired pre-set temperature is reached and by offering a timer function for perhaps a sleepy teenager that might stay in a shower too long.

U by MoenShower Configuration | Kichann Style

Moen offers two systems, a 2 outlet for shower head and hand shower and a 4 outlet system for body sprays or extra hand shower. The U by Moen is only available in Terra Beige and is priced $1,160 and $2,200 MSRP respectively.

The control panel has a 30 foot cable so it can be placed almost anywhere in the shower for your convenience. Note, a drip loop must be in the cable.

The entire system has been thoughtfully designed with consumer personalization and the connected home in mind to deliver the perfect shower experience every time.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, the new valve will be installed between two studs. Your plumber will need to install two in-line water shut offs to the new valve. The S3102 is made for 1/2″ supplies and the S3104 is made for 3/4″ supplies (so you have good volume from your body sprays). Keep these things in mind because they will increase your plumbing expenses.

Also, your electrician will need to install a GFCI outlet near the digital valve since the cord is only five feet long.U by Moen rough | KitchAnn Style

Moen recommends an access panel no smaller than 14″x 29″ for access to the shut-offs, filter and electrical outlet for servicing.

This requirement is very important if you are remodeling an existing shower and you don’t want to see an access panel on the reverse side of the wall.

An optional battery back up is offered separately. The lack of ability to shower when the power is out was my major complaint about the ioDigital system. The battery kit #179573 retails for $65.00.

I think my favorite thing about the U by Moen is the pause setting with the tone notification. The temperature controls are sure to please parents who want added protection for their little ones. I can even see one setting personalized for the family pet since they don’t like water too hot nor too cold.



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