2016 North American Key Color

The Color Marketing Group has established Uni-blue as its key color to North America 2016+.

“Uni-blue” is a new directorial blue that celebrates all genders and generations.

Uni-Blue CMG North American Color 2016 | Kitchann Style

Uni-blue is a deep chromatic color that transitions from cobalt blue to near navy. It is part of a color continuum that connects spaces, people and ideas.

The CMG describes Uni-blue as energy balancing when it is combined with coral red, bright yellow and metallic gold and thought provoking when combined with plum, dark brown and charcoal.

I saw cobalt blue at Cevisama in February and expect this shade as well as light blue closer to Pantone’s Serenity to be popular for interior design this year.

No doubt its classic appeal is why I and probably many others are drawn to it.

About CMG

Color Marketing Group’s (CMG) major focus is to identify the direction of color and design trends. CMG provides a forum for the exchange of non-competitive information relating to all phases of color marketing; color trends and combinations; design influences; merchandising and sales; and education and industry contacts.


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