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I can’t easily post while I’m out of town, thanks to the generosity of Brizo, so I have compiled some interesting posts from around the web.

There’s a great post from Style Sheet Blog on small dining spaces.  The photos are quite lovely but what really caught my eye was the folding table that doubles as a picture frame. These tables are not a new idea but the way the legs disappear when upright is nice and the poster insert adds a modern touch.

Staying on the modern theme, Modern Home Interiors features a sleek glass vanity by Antonio Lupi.  The Briliante vanity features 20mm thick glass top and sides with an integrated bowl.  A small storage cabinet situated below the vanity holds bathroom necessities. The Dama mirror is featured above the vanity.

I personally need much more storage in my bathroom and I could probably never keep the glass clean.

Michelle from My Notting Hill talks about mosaic tile as art.  With large format tile the trend for interior floors, we often don’t think about putting beautiful  mosaics anywhere other than the bathroom or the kitchen backsplash.

Her blog features some new patterns from New Ravenna Mosaics and Stone – which I am a huge fan of.

For an in-depth look at the history of Mosaic Tile  Linda Merrill posted  a great article on the Surroundings Blog.

These days it’s best to invest your money in the areas of your home that will get the most show.  Showing off your expensive taste is best done without trying too hard, unless you are a Hip Hop Mogul, but instead investing in a few special pieces.

I highly recommend checking out the Magic Rug.  These gems from Sicis combine the beauty of hand-cut, artistic Italian mosaics with the flexible format of a throw rug. The glass mosaic is mounted on a polyurethane base that can be attached to the floor or left as a movable object. Seemingly endless possibilities include  florals, classic patterns, and contemporary motifs in a variety of formats—including circular, square, and oval—can be customized with 80 colors and an assortment of effects (iridescent, transparent, or opaque)

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