Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2018: Oceanside

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Sherwin-Williams has just revealed Oceanside,  a rich, bluish-green jeweled toned hue, as its 2018 Color of the Year  (COTY).

Oceanside, SW 6496 is a fun, lively choice for Sherwin-Williams which had picked two neutrals in previous years; Poised Taupe in 2017 and Alabaster in 2016. It’s described as “a complex, deep color that offers a sense of the familiar with a hint of the unknown, [that] bridges together a harmonious balance of blues and greens that can be found in what’s old and new.”

Sherwin-Williams Oceanside SW-6496 | KitchAnn Style


Sue Wadden, the company’s director of color marketing, says people today have a growing sense of adventure “and it is making its way into even the coziest corners of our homes.”

Sherwin-Williams Oceanside SW-6496 | KitchAnn Style

The lush cabinets make this open kitchen very inviting. This vibrant hue contrasts beautifully with the marble backsplash. It pairs beautifully with the brass lighting pendants and I love it mixed with the muted blue hutch and lavender chairs.

“Oceanside is reminiscent of the multi-tonal blues found in nature, offering a memorable, yet calming effect for public spaces,” says Wadden. “It is a new twist on navy, a common color for use in commercial spaces. When placed correctly, it is refreshing and offers dimension and depth as a statement color.”

Sherwin-Williams Oceanside SW-6496 | KitchAnn Style

2018 Colormix Forecast

A part of the ‘Affinity’ palette that was announced earlier this year, Oceanside is one of the colors in the 2018 Colormix Forecast. This palette reflects our need for making new connections and celebrates patterns and artisan crafts we find along the way. The folklore story of this palette is told with pops of fuchsia and gold mixed with grounded brown tones.

Sherwin-Williams Oceanside SW-6496 | KitchAnn Style

Faux marble wallpaper is one of the hottest Interior trends for 2017. Using Oceanside as inspiration, you can create a wall that’s a work of art.

Using Oceanside

Oceanside offers familiar inroads to bold color for developers, builders and interior designers. As with other colors found in nature, Oceanside can channel healing and tranquil emotions, but also spur heightened levels of creativity—making for a comforting first impression in an office or hotel lobby.

Sherwin-Williams Oceanside SW-6496 Inspiration | KitchAnn Style

Some believe Sherwin-Williams’ choice of Oceanside signals the start of a  design shift away from super contemporary spaces towards design that references 1950’s glamour.


Sherwin-Williams Oceanside SW-6496 | KitchAnn Style

Oceanside is a versatile color.  It pairs well with the current aesthetic en vogue, mid-century modern, and is a contemporary update with white marbles and  metallic tones of copper and brass. It was part of the  West Elm Spring 2017 palette, shown above.

Sherwin-Williams Oceanside SW-6496 | KitchAnn Style

With all the experts saying we are craving tranquility in these uncertain times of  political and social upheaval, the calming power of green can be very beneficial. Fortunately, you don’t have to be stuck with a boring green hue as evident by the amazing blue-green tile from Fired Earth used in the bathroom above. 

Sherwin-Williams Oceanside SW-6496 | KitchAnn Style

Oceanside is fit for both interior and exterior spaces, so consider the shade for your front door or shutters.  I also like it for siding on a Craftsman Bungalow style home.

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