Seamless Voice Control

A new partnership between and Sonance enables A/V specialists and designers to offer homeowners music control via seamless voice control.

Known for their ability to masterfully blend architecture and technology, Sonance will allow for’s voice control to be used across any area of a home.

Sonance Architectural Series Speakers utilize sister company TRUFIG‘s revolutionary mounting process, delivering a consistent and high-quality flush-mount aesthetic.

Seamless kitchen outlet
by Thorpe Concepts

Many luxury kitchens incorporate TRUFIG receptacles to maintain continuity in the design when neither black nor white fittings will work well with the surface.

How much do flush-mount outlets cost?

The initial outlay for flush-mount outlets is well above that of your standard electrical outlet (the TRUFIG Single Outlet runs  about 10 times more than a standard outlet). Manufacturers contend that while the initial costs are higher, other costs associated with efforts to hide outlets after installation are eliminated. To keep expenses in control, consider using flush outlets only in exposed areas.

Seamless Voice Control with Sonance and Trufig wall mount

How Voice Control Works handles music search through all of its available streaming services on Sonos or Heos devices as the audio sources, turns on the Sonance DSP Amplifier, activates the channels that are identified as the kitchen and dining room zones, and sets the mood.

Alternately, a single streaming media player can be connected to a multi-channel DSP amplifier and share that music stream with multiple zones around the home. also has the ability to manage Sonance DSP amplifier volume commands and grouped output zones.

In-Wall Mounting

Seamless Voice Control with Sonance and Trufig wall mount

Most voice assistants including Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri are targeted toward the DIY market. So, while all voice assistants can control some IoT products, that capability was probably added as an afterthought. was designed from the very beginning for home automation. While most IoT devices can be controlled with a dedicated app, they can’t usually can’t “see”other devices or the whole network.  Since is an integrated  home automation system, it is aware of all your IoT devices like your security system, lighting, kitchen appliances, and A/V components and TRUFIG have worked closely to develop a refined flush-mounting system for the Josh Micro. This is a large improvement to mounting the Josh Micro on the wall surface or placing it on a counter.

Installing the TRUFIG mount in drywall is the simplest and most “plainless” installation option according to Sonance. A second type of installation mount allows the controller to be flush in a hard or “solid” surface.

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