New Design Trend: Oak

Some of my great Blogging Friends are over in Germany attending the International Furniture Fair at IMM Cologne this week. (Jealous) One of the trends coming from the show is “naturalness.”

Light oaks in particular, as well as oak variants with an attractive grain in natural wood tones on clean door styles will be one of the strongest trends coming from the show. It doesn’t matter if the door is an actual wood veneer or a plastic door that mimics wood’s appearance.

Expect to see this look paired with white and matte stainless – except on the walls, they will be gray. More daring individuals may be inspired by the show to pair the wood with bright colors such as cobalt blue or saffron yellow.

xylo by Leicht via KitchAnn Style

Gnarled Oak Kitchen by Leicht

Brushed grains, staggered joints, cracks and knots also enhance the appeal of this trend. Some manufacturers are even applying oak shingles to cabinet fronts for visual interest.

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