Meet Snoop

Here in South Florida a German Shepherd is learning to sniff out Chinese Drywall.  Snoop will be one of the first dogs in the country certified to find Mold and Chinese Drywall in Homes.

This K9 Detective is being trained by Bill Whitstine of the Florida Canine Academy for All American Plumbing and Construction of Fort Myers, FL.

This is not the first time a dog trained by Bill has received attention. His Mold Dogs have been featured on CNN, Newsweek, HGTV and Extreme Home Makeover.

Recent News

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recently outlined (pdf) what homeowners must look for to identify bad drywall in their homes, and then how to corroborate their observations with chemical laboratory work.

The step that most people are waiting for is guidance on the proper way to remediate a home because it’s unclear exactly what needs to be gutted or thrown away to rid a home of problems, whether a house can be treated to render drywall problems inert, or whether a home must be torn down.

“We hope to release the remediation protocols this spring,” said Dr. Warren Friedman, senior adviser to the director of the office of healthy homes and lead hazard control at HUD.

Local News

A million dollar guarantee is being given to Charlotte county families moving into homes built with Chinese drywall. AbissoCleanse gives a 100% guarantee that at the completion of their protocol your home is completely free of all residual compounds resulting from corrosive drywall off-gassing.

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