Kohler’s Touchless Toilet

Kohler touchless toilet | KitchAnn Style

True to its name, this new technology allows users to flush the toilet without making contact by using an innovative sensor instead of the traditional flush lever.

 “Homeowners are of course worried about the hygiene and health of their family members, and the toilet trip lever is an obvious area of hygienic concern. Touchless takes that concern out of the equation, utilizing new technology to provide a touchless way to control the flush.”

You can find this technology in the iconic KOHLER Cimarron toilet and the San Souci one-piece toilet . Simply hold your hand over the tank lid directly above the sensor and the flush will be activated.

The touchless module projects an electromagnetic field through the top of the tank lid that senses your hand, causing the toilet to flush. The module runs on 4 AA batteries so no wiring is required. Batteries will most likely need to be changed out every six months.

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A retro-fit kit is also available to convert most newer KOHLER toilets into touchless toilets in a few simple steps. Kohler offers a chart for checking the compatibility of your Kohler toilet. Toilets models over 5 years old were not evaluated and Kohler recommends you check their specification sheet for further information.

Kohler touchless toilet kit | KitchAnn Style

The small, black module attaches to the toilet tank with a metal bracket and fits perfectly inside the tank to remain out of sight. The chain from the toilet’s flush system attaches to a rotating arm on the Touchless module, which then acts as the flush actuator, replacing the traditional lever handle of the toilet.

As an option, the homeowner can remove the existing flush lever and replace with a color-matched hole cover. A small, raised adhesive flush emblem is provided for optional placement on the tank lid directly above the Touchless flush kit in order to indicate to users where to motion for the toilet to flush. This may help with unnecessary calls to the bathroom.

I don’t own a cat but I can think of a couple that may find this the best toy ever. What do you think?

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