Vision Sink

If you walked by this sink in someone’s guest bath would you make an excuse to use the bathroom. I sure would.

Vision sink illuminated | KitchAnn Style

This incredible free-standing illuminated sink from Rapsel is named “Vision” and is constructed of Alicrite. I really didn’t know what Alicrite was so I looked it up.  It is eventually acrylic that has been brought to different temperatures to obtain prepolimerization. The heated mixture is then colored and poured in a special way that makes a pattern and it is cured into panels.

I think the following description I found says it best:

Surfaces from Alicrite are modern or retro: from the decorative motifs of the twenties, via the fine expression of the sixties towards the psychedelic look of the seventies, achieved by the possibility of retro illumination.

Vision sink acrilite | KitchAnn Style

The internal light of the Vision wash basin really catches the eye in a seductive way that is hard to resist.


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