You Can Be More Connected to You Home Appliances with Google’s Nest

Google-owned Nest Labs can keep you more connected with your home thanks to the many new third-party devices added to its “Works with Nest”  Program.

The  Works with Nest program originally launched with consumer brands including Whirlpool, Jawbone and LED bulb-maker LIFX.

According to Nest Labs senior product manager Greg Hu, the company’s goal is to keep the interactions between his company’s products and those in the Works with Nest program simple.

Works with Nest is more than just an on/off switch. It’s about making your house a more thoughtful and conscious home.


Smart Whirlpool washers and dryers with an EcoBoost option use information from your Nest to delay cycle end times while you’re away for fresher clothes (a feature I really need), save energy with longer more efficient drying when you are away and activate and auto-delay start during peak energy demand periods.

Connected Home - Goole Nest | KitchAnn StyleAll of the Nest-integrated options can be controlled through Whirlpool’s own app if you don’t have a Nest thermostat.


LG has expanded their HomeChat platform to talk with the  Nest Thermostat.

In this case, your LG refrigerator could switch to an energy-saving mode when the Nest thermostat determines no one’s home or your LG oven could send you an alert if you leave the house and forget to turn it off.

Just as the Whirlpool App will work independently, LG’s HomeChat is much broader and includes a health platform as well as can integrate with other devices such as their smart G Watch.

Connected Home - Goole Nest | KitchAnn Style

 August Smart Lock

Whether you’re coming home or heading out, August can set your Nest Thermostat to Home or Away.

You will only be prompted once to set your status to Home or Away when you arrive and unlock your door, so coming home is even simpler for family and friends arriving after you.

Connected Home - Goole Nest | KitchAnn Style


A nice bonus is that Nest’s internal software continues to receive updates years after you purchase the device, so these informative apps improve continuously.

The Nest Learning Thermostat doesn’t work with the wiring in all houses. Consult their website for a Compatibility Check.

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