Bassino from Kaldewei


For 2009 Kaldewi brings luxury and elegance to bathing suitable for any modern bathroom interior.

The new Bassino tub is pure in design with clean-cut interior lines that create generous proportions allowing you to lie back and relax in the water. Being able to stretch out and float in the tub brings relief to persistent and also chronic tension by reducing the strain on spine, muscles and joints.  Another positive effect floating has on the body  is the  improvement in the powers of concentration, creativity and productivity.

The shallow depth of the bath makes it easy to climb in and out.

The level base of the Bassino means it can also be used as a spacious and luxurious shower.

The bath has been designed by the internationally renowned Phoenix Design.  The firm embraces a philosophy that is as natural as it is intuitive: form follows emotion.

I don’t know who designed the house in the photograph above but I absolutely love it.  It is the perfect bathing oasis.

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