Blanco Quartus Accessories

I’ve been using Blanco Fixtures for about as long as I’ve been a designer. One of the things  (among many) I like about their sinks is the ability for homeowners to personalize their sink – to enhance cooking, cleaning, entertaining or organizing in style.

Blanco Quartus | BlogTour KBIS | KitchAnn StyleNew custom-designed accessories for the QUATRUS R0 and QUATRUS R15 sinks provides numerous options for your stainless sink.

Stainless Steel Grids

Each grid is custom designed for precision fit and have protective rubber feet and side bumpers. A multi-level grid is a unique option for QUARTUS sinks for adding another layer of functionality. They provide a convenient area for drying glasses, utensils and plates or rinsing fruits and vegetables.

Blanco Quartus | BlogTour KBIS | KitchAnn Style

Ash Cutting Board

The durable cutting boards are custom designed to fit on your sink and have rubber feet for optional countertop use.

Blanco Quartus | BlogTour KBIS | KitchAnn Style

Work Stations

The melamine work stations have two storage wells or buckets with drains. The removable buckets make storing utensil and knives convenient and safely organized. Even better, the removable buckets are dishwasher safe.

Blanco Quartus | BlogTour KBIS | KitchAnn Style

(Blanco is a sponsor for BlogTour KBIS 2016, but the views and opinions expressed on this blog are mine, and I will be honest in what I share. You, the reader, are my top priority and it is my goal to make sure you can trust the content and integrity of this blog.)



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