Boat Shaped Bathtub

Do you love the look of a free-standing tub but feel like they are all too similar in shape? If so, then this sleek tub from Zone of Absolute Design (ZAD) is for you.

Funamori Bathtub | KitchAnn StyleDesigned by Rossella Sblendorio for ZAD, the Funamori tub draws its inspiration from the small wooden sushi boats used in Japanese restaurants. The name, Funamori, by definition means  a boat wrap, or a style of  sushi shaped like a boat to contain items that would fall off of regular nigiri-sushi. Also known as Gunkan maki, kakomi sushi.



The Funamori tub is made from Adamantx, an innovative solid surface composite resin developed and produced in Italy. It is offered in three colors and in either matte or gloss finish.

Funamori Bathtub | KitchAnn Style

After a grueling week of work wouldn’t it be wonderful to come home and drift off to zen-like relaxation in your Funamori tub?




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