Bowl Bathroom Collection

French design firm Arik Levy Studio has created the Bowl bathroom collection for Spanish bathroom brand Inbani. The collection which launched at this year’s Salon de Mobile in Milan mixes cage-like structures with ceramic and marble placing emphasis on the juxtaposition between positive and negative space.

Arik Levy's Bowl for Inbani| KitchAnn Style

“These are products born, imagined, conceived, engineered, crafted and made for you to feel good.”

Arik Levy's Bowl Sketch | KitchAnn Style

Arik Levy conceived the Bowl Collection as a “piece of jewelry that pursues the preciousness of every little detail that makes each object ”

Arik Levy's Bowl for Inbani| KitchAnn Style

The Bowl Collection is a progressive design intended to break away from mainstream products in gives designers new approach in “thinking and visual design.”

Arik Levy's Bowl in Color | KitchAnn Style

The thin metal elements of the Bowl collection are available in White, Copper and Colored lacquers.

Inbani  Bowl Copper Accessories| KitchAnn Style

I prefer the look of the copper wire for the Bowl collection. The white looks a little cheap to me. The first image shows what appears to be a toilet but there is not one in the catalog at this time. I may be too practical in my thinking but I can imagine that if the pedestal sink does not have constant TLC, it would start to look grimy in no time. What do you think?

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