Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

I’m sure you’ve heard that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but did you know it applies to the functionality of  a kitchen? 

I don’t mean that the “little woman” will be happier slaving over your dinner if she’s wearing a giant rock.  I am referring to DIAMOND™ Seal Technology from Brizo.

You may recall from an earlier post that I was recently flown to NY as a guest of Brizo.  While there I got to learn about the incredible technology going into faucets and future technologies that will come in the near future.  I can’t give away what’s coming in the next few years but I can discuss the relevance of what’s available now.

Brizo faucets use diamond-coated valves to keep water from coming into contact with outside contaminants.  This advanced functionality adds to the durability of each faucet to stand up to the rigors of everyday use and have less leaks over time. The DIAMOND™ Seal Technology reduces the number of leak points and lasts up to 10 times longer than the industry standard. (Industry standard based on ASME 112.18.1 = 500,000 cycles.)

It also satisfies California statute AB 1953 mandating that by January 1, 2010, the weighted average (average amount of) lead content in pipes, fittings and fixtures used to convey drinking water cannot exceed 0.25% on wetted surfaces. The DIAMOND Seal Technology effectively keeps the water as pure as when it enters the faucet because there it keeps the water free of contact with potential metal contaminants.

Less leaks means more water conservation. Less contaminants means better water purity.  These two benefits play a vital role in Brizo’s commitment to Green Design.  A third part of their Green initiative  that you can’t taste or see in your home is their commitment to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Brizo has taken steps so all of their manufacturing plants recycle the water they use, recycle any excess brass from the manufacturing process and they use a water-based metal cleaning methods that eliminates the need for ozone-depleting solvent degreasers.

Your faucet with DIAMOND Seal Technology will keep working well for years since it has no internal parts with lubricants that can get gunky. It’s stylish design and smooth operation will allow you to enjoy it in your home instead of replacing it and having it enter a landfill which makes it easier for you to be environmentally responsible.

Brizo®, the faucet brand for the fashion forward, meets the demand for aesthetics and performance with a collection of distinctively designed faucets and related products that create a fashion statement in the home.

I’ll be posting pictures of the NY trip on my Facebook page.

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  1. The new California and Vermont statutes dictating the amount of lead in faucets is already leading many manufacturers to change the design and composition of their products. Danze, Brizo, American Standard are just three of the many … and the innovative designs just keep getting better and better, too!

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