Fiat and Smeg Collaboration

Leave it to the Italians to create a new appliance masterpiece. Smeg and Fiat joined forces to create a new refrigerator for the FIAT 500 Design collection.

cool zone smeg fiat | KitchAnn Style

“I’m really happy that, we’re launching this product. It is the result of years of work, and it reawakens a historical collaboration between Smeg and Fiat, and not forgetting the creativity of Italia Independent – says Lapo ElkannThe Fiat 500 is an Italian icon that from now can even be found in another dimension, in bars and peoples living rooms all over the world”.

Starting in June the ‘SMEG 500’ fridge can be ordered directly on the site and will be available in white, red and green finishes.

Smeg Fiat | Kitchann Style

Smeg Fiat | Kitchann Style

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