Moen ioDigital

The ioDIGITAL electronic thermostatic valve from Moen may be convenient with four presets for the Shower and Vertical Spa (body sprays) and three presets for the Roman tub; an LED temperature change indicator and a remote control that will operate the shower from 30 feet away…unless the power is out.

I don’t care how intuitive or simple the controls are; if you have a power failure and the shower won’t start you are not going to have the extraordinary experience that Moen promises.

Installing the digital valve will require an electrician in addition to a plumber making installation costs higher than average.

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  1. Well thank God somebody said it. I don’t understand the mad rush to installing plumbing fixtures that depend on electricity. That’s probably a function of living in Florida, the land of the brown and black out, but I think it’s a very valid concern.

  2. With you there. Not a great experience. Plumber Husband was thrilled to put this unit in. Not thrilled when we replaced it last year – under warranty, but holds about 5 gallons of water in the unit – huge mess. We will not replace this unit when it goes out with another digital.

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