Northland 60″ Refrigerator

Northland_60gxSometimes extra large kitchens need extra large refrigerators.

Nothland offers a 60” refrigerator freezer in 12 model variations. The 39.3 cubic feet of total storage capacity is divided between 15.1 cubic feet of freezer storage with ice maker, and 24.2 cubic feet of refrigerator storage.

Finish choices include stainless steel, panel ready and glass front.  Interiors are stainless or white aluminum. Unlike plastic interiors, these finishes are resistant to odors and are more durable. Dual cooling systems for the refrigerator and freezer sections ensure optimal food preservation.

If 60″ is not the right size for you, Northland manufactures their refrigerators in 6″ increments up to 72″ wide.

For years Northland was known as the industry energy-hog due to a loophole in the law.  Now that these appliances will be manufactured in a new plant in Greenville, Michigan, I am sure their energy consumption will be closer to similar models from competitors.

Northland-Marvel, part of the Aga Rangemaster Group, is a leading manufacturer of luxury refrigeration products.

northland refrigerator interior

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