Perfectly Nonperfect Ceramic Wood Planks

It seems everyone wants to emulate the true look of wood while having the ease of care found in ceramics – but who wouldn’t?

Dakota by Flaviker is so realistic, it looks aged, stained and even has tiny worm holes.

Dakota by Flaviker | KitchAnn Style

Dakota takes its name from the North American landscape at the time of the pioneers, when men were colonising the great open spaces using materials provided by the land itself.  The collection is inspired by planks made of alder, a timber that is widely used in construction and interior finishes, and is characterized by natural imperfections caused by ageing.

Dakota by Flaviker | KitchAnn Style

The planks are offered in four sizes: 16″ x 68″, 8″ x 68″, 8″ x 48″ and 8″ x 32″ A 3D tile, perfect for vertical surfaces, is offered 8″ x 32″ and looks like two 4″ planks.  Stair pieces are also available.

Dakota 3D by Flaviker | KitchAnn Style

The Dakota finishes are very natural and sophisticated. You can choose between Naturale (Natural), Avana (Havana) Grigio (Gray) and Tortora (Turtledove). The rectified planks are produced with a slight convex shape for easier installation. They self-level under their own weight.

Dakota by Flaviker | KitchAnn Style

Flaviker PISA is part of the ABK Group founded in 1992. their production covers Gres Porcelain tiles, double fired and single fired ceramic tiles offering trendy design-oriented ranges. All Flaviker tile collections are designed and produced in Italy combining High technology in production and respect to the environment

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