Interlocking Floating Porcelain Floors

Interlocking porcelain floors are not new but they seem to pop up more in conversations in regards to tiles that look like planks of wood these days.

Floating porcelain tile flooring systems are designed to enable the installer to achieve professional results quickly and cost effectively.

Advantages of  floating porcelain floors include sound deadening, the option to  conveniently install the tile over existing hard surfaces and they are reusable.

Pecan-Herringbone-Shadow-Grout-locking-floor-tile-kitchannThe disadvantages of floating porcelain floors includes being limited to using flexible grout in the predetermined joint width, the material is thinner and less substantial and it may command a lower return on your investment at resale.

Interlocking floating porcelain plan flooring | KitchAnn Style

There are not as many color choices in floating porcelain planks either. I think you can find 24″ porcelain planks that would be very price competitive. So unless you have very special circumstances, I’d stick with ceramic or porcelain tiles.

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